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Tableau Training institute in Hyderabad can be a ticket to your fortunate tableau career. Our training institute offers a better understanding of data visualization with Tableau, Dashboards, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Charts, and many other key features of Tableau. All these features are made well aware to the learners. 

Our well-defined and wholesome tableau training course will help you to structure data for analysis, learn about dimensions, measures, Reporting, Data aggregation in tableau. This will enable you to simplify both the simple and complex data.

The tableau data science integrations(programming language and tools like Python, MATLAB, R), custom web portals, Tableau API extensions are explained clearly with all the practical and theoretical sessions.

Our courses are structured in a way that they are made flexible to adapt to the new changes and we update ourselves and our students with the market change to help them stay ahead in the career race.

Curriculum :
Training in Hyderabad

Tableau – the most popular data visualization tool in business intelligence has now become the most prioritized skill used by many MNC’s and other reputed companies. Pursuing a career in Tableau can offer you good packages in small and big companies alike. The basic salary of a tableau skilled person in India can be approximately 5,00,000 Per annum, and it can vary depending on the other skills you possess. The salary of a professional tableau developer is only going to increase in the near future because of the growing demand for the tool. So, if you want to be positioned as a Tableau developer, data analyst, business analyst, or looking for a  job opportunity then a Tableau training certificate can help you boost your skill set to kick start your career.

Our Tableau training institute will offer you all the required skills and knowledge through which you can ace Tableau as a developer or as an analyst. The course emphasizes the key aspects of Tableau such as Data visualization, Business intelligence, and Reporting. 

Through the duration of the course, you will be working on case studies from various industries and sectors that will give you a comprehensive understanding of Tableau and how it can be used differently for different industries and sectors. 

At the end of every level, you are expected to take an examination and clear it to secure your certification for the same. Also, we offer an in-depth understanding of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Charts, etc. You will be expected to take an examination in all these key areas which will prove to be essential to your business. Our course will help you master Tableau and know it like the back of your hand.

The course also emphasizes the key aspects of Tableau such as Data visualization, Business intelligence, and Reporting. 

Through the duration of the course, you will be working on case studies on various industries and sectors that will give you a comprehensive understanding of Tableau and how it can be used differently for different industries and sectors. 

Tableau was founded in the year 2003, at Stanford University, by Chris Stole, Christan Chabot, and Pat Hanrahan to make data visualization interactive to users. A large amount of data was retrieved due to the increase of demands in business firms. Handling a large amount of data manually is a very difficult task, the development of the tableau tool made the data extraction flexible and easy for all the users to prepare the reports with strong BI visualizations and hence it became a groundbreaking tool for developers and analysts.

Key Points:
Tableau Training

Modes of Training


Classroom Training

Tableau Training in Hyderabad offers Tableau classroom training at Kukatpally. We provide Classroom training at different periods for different batches. You can enroll according to your convenience. Our Expert trainers will train with all the personal attention you need. This Classroom Tableau training is for those of you who want to develop interpersonal skills such as how to interact with fellow students, cooperation and professional communication, also you can learn valuable skills and knowledge in the most effective setting.

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Online Training

Learn Tableau from the comfort of your home through our Online training program. This course is an online-based one that allows you to attend classes online and resolve your query at the end of every class. Tableau Online Training is an effective medium for you if you require consistency and can learn better in an instructor-led environment.  


Recorded Video

Tableau Video course is a pre-recorded course that gives you the luxury of learning Tableau as per your convenient schedule. The biggest advantage of the Tableau training video course is that your videos are available 24/7 after you have purchased the Tableau training video course.Once you register with the Tableau training video course, the credentials will be shared with you and you will have the validity for a lifetime/1 year. 

Why Choose us


Expert Trainer

Tableau Training in Hyderabad offers expert and experienced Tableau Trainers whose experience speaks volumes. We update ourselves as frequently as Tableau updates itself. We keep ourselves abreast of the current the Market to give quality Knowledge on Tableau. They train you according to your learning pace. Our Expert Trainers will be available 24/7 to clear all your doubts, queries, and will guide you to master the Tableau tool.


Tableau Training in Hyderabad offers verified Core certification and Advanced Certification on the Tableau tool. Tableau training certifications help you learn skills and give you a new perspective of real-world scenarios. This Tableau Training certification acts as evidence to ensure your capabilities to the companies. These certifications will help you stand out on the standards set by different MNCs.


Placement Assistance

Tableau Training guarantees you the best Placement assistance in Hyderabad. As Tableau is the most popular data visualization tool and most of the MNCs prefer Tableau for their data visualization and analysis, job opportunities and competition for Tableau will also be high. Our trainers and team members will guide and help with all the support you need to grab a Job Opportunity. Our Expert Trainers during the training sessions will give you all the tips and ways to crack an interview in the companies. We conduct mock Interviews and communication skills sessions to help build your confidence during the interview. Tableau Training in Hyderabad will guide you until you create a successful career.

Live Practical Session

Our Tableau Training course structure is flexible and does not limit itself to theory but focuses on the practicality of Tableau. Our Practical sessions encourage you in learning, It also helps you get familiar with the Tableau tool, techniques that will be required to use, and how it can be used in the real world. 


I am very much satisfied with the Tableau training offered by Tableau Training in Hyderabad. I was able to Understand all the concepts very clearly. As they promised, they help find a good job in the Tableau field.
John Doe
Very much satisfied with the training provided by them. The training was completely based on real-time projects. The interactive sessions help to gain confidence and skills. They also conducted assessments to test our skills and help us learn the topics in which we are weak.
John Doe
The journey of Learning tableau was brilliant. I will surely use the skills learned during the process in my career.
John Doe
Overall the experience of learning Tableau was very good. The trainers were very supportive and friendly. I will suggest joining Tableau Training in Hyderabad to anyone who wants to learn and pursue their career in Tableau.
John Doe
Joining Tableau Training in Hyderabad was the best decision I made to learn tableau. I wanted to learn Tableau from the experts. This Tableau Training Certification Program helped me get recognized in top companies and also helped me gain technical knowledge.
John Doe
The Trainers in Tableau Training in Hyderabad helped me enhance my knowledge. The team was very supportive throughout the training sessions. In addition to that, they helped me build good communication skills which gave me the confidence to face the interviews.
John Doe
I opted for a Tableau training video course of tableau training in Hyderabad. At first, I was doubtful regarding the modules, but when I started learning through these video courses. I was able to understand every module clearly. The experience was the same as online Training. Thank you Tableau Training for designing such effective modules.
John Doe
I want to thank the team and the trainer of Tableau training. They helped me learn the tool with such ease. The trainer clarified all my doubts without being irritated, he patiently helped me understand the concepts. They also provided the practical session after each concept, this again helped me to work with the real examples.
John Doe
My training experience at Tableau Training in Hyderabad was great. They not only trained me on all the concepts of tableau and gave me the best Knowledge, but also they gave me huge support to find a job in tableau. I am thankful to help me start my career.
John Doe

Tools & Certifications


Core Certification

Tableau Training in Hyderabad offers a core certification Tableau training program to guide you to become an effective Tableau Developer. This verified certification will help you get recognized by the MNCs.


Advanced Certification

Tableau Training in Hyderabad also offers an Advanced certification Tableau training program. This Advanced certification program will provide you the training of Tableau specializations along with the core concepts of Tableau. Tableau Advanced Certification will get you recognized by the top MNC companies across the globe.

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